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What is C++

C++ Overview

What is C++

You must know that C ++ is a multi-paradigm programming language. Which was made in Bell Labs in 1983. The one who created it was Bjerne Straussstrasse, supports C ++ language object oriented programming (OOP), C ++ language is an extension of C programming, and any program that contains C language can be run in C ++ Are there.

Note - In a programming language, it is always advised to use constant typing. When the program is examined during the compilation-time, unlike program run-time.

Object oriented Programming
The C ++ language fully supports object-oriented programming, which consists of four columns of object oriented development, whose names are somewhat like this -

  • Encapsulation
  • Data hiding
  • Inheritance
  • Polymorphism

What is C++

Standard library

  1. Three important parts are found in the standard C ++ language -
  2. The first part is the original language in which all the building blocks, variables, data types and verbal etc. are included.
  3. The second part . C ++ standard library provides a rich set of manipulative tasks in files, wires, etc.
  4. The third part is. Standard Template Library (STL) provides a rich set of ways to manipulate data structures.

ANSI Standard
This ANSI standard is an attempt to ensure that C ++ is portable; When you type any code for Microsoft Compiler, it will be compiled without errors by using a compiler on Mac, Unix, Windows box or Alpha.
All major C ++ compiler manufacturers support ANSI standard.

Learning C ++
C ++ When you are taught, the most important thing is to focus your attention on concepts.
The purpose of learning a programming language is to always be a better programmer; That is, to design and implement new systems, to become more effective in implementing and retaining the older ones.
The C ++ programming language supports various programming styles. If you tell me in this, you can write in any language in the style of Fortran, C, and Smalltalk etc. While maintaining program runtime and space efficiency, each style can effectively achieve its set targets.

Use of C ++
Essentially, C ++ is used by hundreds and thousands of programmers in every type of application domain.
The use of C ++ language is increasingly being used to write device drivers and other software, which rely on the direct manipulation of hardware under Realtime Barriers (on the C ++ program).
The C ++ programming language is widely used for teaching and research. Because this programming language is sufficient for successful teaching of basic concepts.
Anyone who has used a computer, is either an Apple Macintosh or a PC running Windows, all indirectly use C ++ because these are the systems that have their primary user interfaces written in C ++ .

Some Facts About C++
Development of the C ++ language began its first year in 1979, four years before its release, but its initial name was not C ++; Its first name, it was only C with classes.
In 1983, C language was used for the first time with AT & T's internal programming requirements.
The name of that was changed later in the same year to the name of C ++.
By 1985 the C ++ language had not been commercially released.
In order to allow object-oriented programming in C ++ language, apply a data abstraction after using a concept called classes with other types of features. And C ++ is considered to be a high level language. Classes in which they help the programmers with the organization of their code. They also prove beneficial in helping programmers to avoid mistakes.

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